Why join the resetting call: specific training in multiple areas of interest

Why join the resetting call: specific training in multiple areas of interest

Among the main goals of the RESETTING project, training and capacity building activities are the basis for the professional development of people within companies. One of the main challenges of training is to be able to adjust the level of digital skills of SMEs workers, being able to regularly update the contents to the reality of the market, as well as disseminating new technologies/digital solutions that can be useful, and therefore play a significant role in the improvement of the daily operations.

Thanks to customised and personalised training, tourism SMEs can learn how to update and improve their level of digitalisation, helping entrepreneurs to acquire new technical and digital skills in order to address digital challenges and to innovate.

To provide a personalized and focused training, businesses and their personnel will be interviewed by using a detailed questionnaire, and then depending on the degree of digitalisation and the needs detected, training programs will be developed in three different areas:

1.Sustainability and Circularity – Teaching ways to the SMEs to attain higher levels of sustainability in their operations, especially in regard to environmental aspects (decarbonisation of the industry).

Some of the topics that will be touched upon are:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water management
  • Mobility Management
  • Food Waste prevention.

2. Reskilling – Update existing content with the evolution that technology allows:

  • Digital Business Programs
  • Data Science & Business Intelligence
  • Digital Marketing
  • (any other topics that may arise in the coming months)

3. Discover: Showing new technologies to the SMEs and explain the benefits:

  • Virtual Reality applications
  • Augmented Reality applications
  • Benefits from 5G

If you feel like you business or you personnel could benefit in specific training I any of this areas,  apply now for the current RESETTING call!

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