Results of the first open call

Public Evaluation Report

Results of the first open call for recipients of financial support

Project acronym: RESETTING

Project full name: Relaunching European smart and SustainablE Tourism models Through digitalization and Innovative technoloGies

Project grant agreement number: 101038190

The RESETTING project, co-funded by the COSME programme of the European Union under grant agreement No. 101038190, launched an open call for recipients of financial support.

The first call was opened from 1st June (09:00 CET) until 30th September (17:00 CET), 2022. Applicants were requested to fill in an application form  and accept some admin and legal requirements before submitting the online proposal using this website:

A total of 28 proposals were received and assessed by the Evaluation Committee. In the end, only 13 proposals were selected for funding. The funding ranges from €7,000 to €9,000 for each applicant.

Thus,the evaluation and selection processes have been completed. All applicants have been informed about the evaluation results of their proposals for financial suport.

Call information

The call was published on 1st June 2022 on  Project RESETTING’s website:

Response to the call in detail

Proposals received28
Proposals evaluated28
Eligible proposals24
Proposals above threshold17
Selected proposals13
Proposals in reserve list4
CountryNo. Received Proposals

List of selected proposals

Name of the ApplicantsCountry
Manili Boutique Suites & VillasGreece
Tourisitiki Anaptixi Achladas IkeGreece
Villa ArchanesGreece
7 Rooms & flatItaly
Hotel La PaceItaly
La Panoramica di NeroniItaly
Blue Geo: Lighthouse Lda.Portugal
Fonda El Camí S.L.Spain
Velero Azul S.A.Spain