Why join the resetting call: organization of activities and cooperation between the SMEs involved

Why join the resetting call: organization of activities and cooperation between the SMEs involved

The training activities will be an enabler for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that will take part in the RESETTING project, giving them the opportunity to get to know each other, share their experiences, their current situation, the challenges they had to face and the methods they managed to overcome them, whilst learning from other examples or companies that are in a different or more advanced situation. The type of activities used, that are described below, will promote transnational cooperation with a common objective: the improvement of innovation and digital transformation of tourism SMEs. Another collateral impact that the consortium expects from this transnational cooperation is the establishment of an international networking ecosystem among the SMEs and the technological/digital providers that will be involved in the training process.

In brief, the number of activities that will be implemented as well as the number of people we expect to reach out are outlined below.

Number of total activities: 22

  • Hackathon: 1
  • Meetups: 7
  • Success Business Cases: 7
  • Webinars: 7

Total number of participants expected: 1770

  • Hackathon: 300
  • Meetups: 420
  • Success Business Cases: 630
  • Webinars: 420

Type of activities

– Meetups:

In no more than one hour, a technological/digital tool is explained on its benefits and what are the resources/skills needed to be applied.

Channel: Online (Zoom platform)

 – Success Business Cases:

Success stories of digital transformation, innovation and good practices in sustainability will be sought and made known, which will make it possible to showcase how other companies have been able to solve problems and how they are facing the future with the use of technology.

Channel: Online (Zoom platform).

– Webinars:

Explanation of methodologies and best practices related to sustainable tourism, with the goal of providing training material and at the same time practical experience that SME can use in their enterprises as a base for  new ideas to be more efficient at the same time.

Channel: Online (Zoom platform)

– Tourism Hackathon:

 An activity with the different SMEs to able to respond to real and future challenges of companies in the tourism sector, with the goal of generating both new opportunities and projects through the games and collaboration tests that are proposed to SMEs.

Channel: Online (Zoom platform). Date: April 2023. 

To make sure they are always available to the participants, all the online training-related activities will be recorded and posted in the project’s Moodle together with the manuals that the trainers/speakers will use to deliver the training sessions. This will enable to reach to those participants that may not be available in that specific time slot due to their work commitments.

If you feel like you business could be interested in any of this events and activities,  any of this areas, apply now for the current RESETTING call!

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