RESETTING call: advantages for accepted enterprises

RESETTING call: advantages for accepted enterprises

As mentioned before in detail, the small and medium enterprises that were accepted for the latests RESETTING call will benefit in various ways:

Regarding the financial support, the beneficiaries will each receive a voucher of up to €9.000 each in order to implement the action plan presented in the Application form about their digital transition and the adoption of Smart Tourism Tools that RESETTING project will elaborate. The exact financial support will depend on the budget presented in the application form by the SMEs and clearly agreed with the relevant BSO in the Action Plan Agreement (APA). It will be between €7.000 and € 9.000, and it will take the form of a voucher.

The beneficiaries will have 6 months to use the funds granted starting from the signing of the APA, and a 3-month extension could be granted (providing a written justification).

The payment of the balance will be done within 30 days from the validation of the financial reporting documenting the cost claimed for the implementation of the solution as described in the awarded “Action Plan”.

Concerning training, coaching and mentoring services, offered by THE RESETTING partner Cluster TIC Catalunya Sud, technical and practical knowledge will be provided to the accepted enterprises following this method:

1- Detect the issues that SMEs have in regard to the digital transformation.

2- Make adaptative tech programs according to the issues that SMEs have.

3- Provide counselling services to the SMEs in order to help dealing with digital innovation and transformation by providing tools, advice of best practises and generate internal projects that make SMEs more efficiency and competitive.

4- Transfer the knowledge and best practices to boost efficiency and sustainability levels for the SMEs so that selected SMEs can improve their energy efficiency, water management issues, matters related to mobility management as well as recommendations to tackle food waste in their operations. The three main areas for the training part will be the following:

1.Sustainability and Circularity – Teaching ways to the SMEs to attain higher levels of sustainability in their operations, especially in regard to environmental aspects (decarbonisation of the industry).

2. Reskilling – Update existing content with the evolution that technology allows.

3. Discover: Showing new technologies to the SMEs and explain the benefits.

Regarding cooperation and network building, the beneficiaries will get the opportunity to get to know each other, share their experiences, their current situation, the challenges they had to face and the methods they managed to overcome them, whilst learning from other examples or companies that are in a different or more advanced situation.

They will also get to participate in the following activities and experiences:

– Meetups: In no more than one hour, a technological/digital tool is explained on its benefits and what are the resources/skills needed to be applied.

 – Success Business Cases: Success stories of digital transformation, innovation and good practices in sustainability will be sought and made known, which will make it possible to showcase how other companies have been able to solve problems and how they are facing the future with the use of technology.

– Webinars: Explanation of methodologies and best practices related to sustainable tourism, with the goal of providing training material and at the same time practical experience that SME can use in their enterprises as a base for  new ideas to be more efficient at the same time.

– Tourism Hackathon: An activity with the different SMEs to able to respond to real and future challenges of companies in the tourism sector, with the goal of generating both new opportunities and projects through the games and collaboration tests that are proposed to SMEs.

This was just the first of various calls that will be brought forward by the RESETTING project, so keep in touch and follow us to know about the next! –

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