Almost thirty SME’s participated in the first call of our project.

Almost thirty SME’s participated in the first call of our project.

We are happy to announce how the first RESETTING call was a huge success, with 27 small and medium enterprises in the tourism sector applying to join the project.

Each of these enterprise will each receive a voucher of up to €9.000 each in order to implement the action plan presented in the Application form about their digital transition and the adoption of Smart Tourism Tools that RESETTING project will elaborate. The exact financial support will depend on the budget presented in the application form by the SMEs.

The financial support will take the form of a voucher, and the exact amount will depend on the budget presented in the Application form by the SME and clearly agreed with the relevant BSO in the Action Plan Agreement (APA).

These SMEs will take part in many of the RESETTING activities, like:

  • Hackathons
  • Strategic meetups,
  • Success business cases,
  • Webinars

Furthermore, SMEs will receive critical training, as that, together with knowledge transfer, constitute two key pillars for the RESETTING project. The digital transformation is very much based on the training of people working for the selected SMEs.

Specifically, these steps will be taken:

  • Detect the issues that SMEs have in regard to the digital transformation.
  • Make adaptative tech programs according to the issues that SMEs have.
  • Provide counselling services to the SMEs in order to help dealing with digital innovation and transformation by providing tools, advice of best practises and generate internal projects that make SMEs more efficiency and competitive.
  • Transfer the knowledge and best practices to boost efficiency and sustainability levels for the SMEs so that selected SMEs can improve their energy efficiency, water management issues, matters related to mobility management as well as recommendations to tackle food waste in their operations.

Overall, the consortium is looking forward to work with these SMEs, and hope that the same enthusiasm will emerge for the next call.

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