RESETTING spring 2023 events

RESETTING spring 2023 events

The objectives of the RESETTING Spring events are to disseminate and inform interested and future partners regarding what the RESETTING consortium has to offer, by hosting detailed and specific meetings where the various service’s providers can describe their work, the context in which they operate, the importance of their actions, the various skills they bring to the project and how they can be used to help the various tourism enterprises that decide to join the RESETTING project by applying for its open Calls (the second open call just ended, stay in touch for the next one starting in Summer 2023!).

We feel that the possibility to have a direct interaction via meetup with the various service’s provides is extremely important for the RESETTING project as a whole, considering how difficult and at the same how important it is for the different enterprises to understand the scope of the project, how many different skill sets are available for them, and as such how many are the ways they could be aided by RESETTING in their business.

Attending live is always recommended, given the interactive nature of a meetup, but even if you can’t make it there is nothing to worry about considering that, to make sure that these meeting are as available as possible, they are recorded and everyone will be able to watch them again as a YouTube video.

The first among the RESETTING spring events recently concluded as it was held on April 18th, and here you can find the YouTube links with the three webinars:

– The first was held by Juanma Pérez, EV Charge Business Unit Manager from ETECNIC energy & mobility, and concerned “Electric mobility as a solution to increase the sustainable experience in the tourism sector”.

– The second was held by Adrian Camano, from BQAIT, and concerned “How to digitize maintenance processes (corrective, regulatory and preventive)”.

– The third was held by Bistra Ivanova from WINBIA. She is a paid media specialist with an extensive experience in the tourism industry that has worked with a variety of businesses in the industry, including hotels, resorts, travel agencies, online travel agencies, and other tourism-related companies.

The Webinar title is “Unlocking Success: Digital Marketing Strategies for the Tourism Industry”, and showcased real-world examples of travel agencies, hotels, and restaurants that have achieved great success through digital marketing, specifically by discussing how various campaigns helped generate more traffic, drive bookings, and increase revenue.

As a reminder, the next event will be held on May 10th, with the following schedule:

– At 9:30 CET, the day will kick off with a Webinar concerning “VR and AR as a Smart Tourism Tool”.

– At 10:15 CET, the day will continue with a Success Business Case concerning the “Digital transformation of tourism”.

– At 11:00 CET, the event will end with a Meetup on “Employee onboarding and professional training”.

For any doubts or requests for info on the various webinars don’t hesitate to contacts us at the following email address:

Keep in touch with the resetting project!

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