RESETTING Areas of Expertise – Service providers available for the Process automatization, Sensorization and Robotization fields

RESETTING Areas of Expertise – Service providers available for the Process automatization, Sensorization and Robotization fields

Last week we introduced the third area of expertise of the RESETTING partners – process automatization, sensorization and robotization, and today we today we are going to introduce the various service providers affiliated with the RESETTING project that are experts in this field.

Grupo Castilla

It is one of the leading Spanish companies in software solutions and knowledge services in the field of HR. Founded in 1979, initially as a technology-based company, it has been able to evolve to become an HR partner. of more than 2,800 customers and also has a network of 22 offices spread

throughout the national territory.


  • Strategic HR consultancy
  • Selection process services
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Payroll and talent management software
  • Employee Portal and App
  • Workday registration application


Location: Carrer de la Informàtica, 5, 43330 Riudoms, Spain

PROACIT Soluciones y Sistemas S.L.

PROACIT is an industrial consultancy dedicated to providing vision, strategy, value and all the advantages of Industry 4.0 to companies that wish to evolve in line with their business objectives, becoming more innovative, competitive and sustainable. We do this through the most advanced technological solutions for the automation and digitalization of industrial production in a conceptual framework that aims to digitally transform industry by providing a technological and human plan for its future projection.


  • Consultancy: ✓Business’s digital maturity assessment ✓ Marketplace positioning ✓ Making digital systems implementation proposals adapted to your needs and objectives Continuous Process Automation and Monitoring systems
  • Instrumentation and control cabinet assembly
  • Data acquisition and reporting systems
  • Solutions for local or global intelligence automation projects: ✓Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions (Intelligent devices) ✓Industrial Cybersecurity solutions ✓Industrial Cloud solutions ✓Energy efficiency solutions
  • IoT Technologies
  • Training on all solutions


Location: C/ Estany, Parc. 5.1.5, Nau nº18 43006 Tarragona Spain.


The goal of Eurotecna is to retain and expand customers by orienting them towards more profitable market segments. We focus on environmental sensitivity, local development and connection with territory using digital skills and environmental performance.


  • Environmental policy
  • Energy Consumption Data Logger
  • Communication
  • Maintenance plan


Location: Via Toscana, 2 Martinsicuro (TE), Italy (Registered office), Via Ischia I, 278 Grottammare (AP), Italy (Headquarters).

ITS Turismo e Nuove Tecnologie

The ITS Turismo e Nuove Tecnologie Marche Foundation runs training courses in the Pesaro/Fano (PU), Senigallia (AN), Civitanova/Macerata (MC) and San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) sites.

Every year, ITS Turismo Marche creates two-year high specialisation technical post-diploma or post-degree courses in the area of Tourism and New Technologies.

The courses offered each year by ITS Turismo Marche are the result of an ongoing dialogue between the Foundation and companies, which work together to set up training courses aimed at training specialised professional figures in the sectors most in demand on the ever-changing job market.

Through the scientific support of the University and the technical support of the training organisations, each year specialised courses are designed and implemented in the tourism and new technology sectors with professional profiles linked to the corporate management of tourism enterprises and to strategic and operational marketing, particularly through digital technologies.


  • Tourism oriented training courses
  • Marketing
  • Job Placement


Location: Via Nolfi, 37 – FANO 61032 (PU)

OZZIE robotics

OZZIE robotics is a spin-off company of the Information Technologies Institute (ITI) of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), building upon the 20-year long experience of the founding team in relevant research projects.

OZZIE robotics develops robot software and hardware, to meet diverse, professional and personal service robot application needs. More specific they develop cutting edge software for service robots that operate in indoor, outdoor and smart environments. Robots that can detect humans, understand their actions and interact with them. Robots that can take decisions based on the state of their environment. Robots that autonomously move, grasp and manipulate objects. Robots that operate in diverse settings, from homes and care giving settings through to public spaces, warehouses and factories for human-robot collaboration and logistics purposes. Alongside, they design and develop from scratch custom service robots, building the hardware and integrating the necessary software that enables them to fulfil their aims.


  • Software that allows robots to see, feel, take decisions and autonomously move
  • Custom service robots from scratch based on customer application needs
  • Consultancy services, feasibility studies & realistic simulations for novel robotic applications


Location: Egnatias 154, Thessaloniki, Greece


Pragma, since its establishment in 2017, based on the verified experience and scientific background of its founding directors, is a spin-off company of CERTH-ITI, that aims to be involved in the Low Power Computing and Internet of Things domain. The company offers end-to-end software solutions, supports the modern IoT needs of the Industry and delivers consulting services in the domain of Internet of Things to both the private and the broader public sector. With conscious commitment to responsible entrepreneurship and hands-on experience for over 20 years, the company provides its services to a wide range of customers throughout Greece, major business groups and multi-national companies.


  • End-to-end software solutions
  • Consulting services in the domain of Internet of Things, including
  • Low-power computing
  • Fog networking and computing using embedded intelligence,
  • OEM platform development
  • Design of next generation gateways for IoT ecosystems


Location: 7th KM, A/D Thessalonikis Neon Moudanion, 55536, Pilea – Thessaloniki, Greece

These are just few of the many expert service providers affiliated with the RESETTING consortium, you can check them all in our informative sessions!

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