Technology Centre of Catalunya (EURECAT)

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Eurecat is recognized by the European Commission as Key Enabling Technologies-Centre (KET), for its collaboration with SMEs in close-to-market R&D and innovation. Eurecat’s R&D, innovation, consultancy and training competences cover:

  • Digital Technologies (Digital Humanities, Big Data Analytics, IT Security and Smart Management Systems, e-health, data mining, multimedia technologies, Tourism & Culture)
  • Industrial Technologies (metallic, plastic and composite materials, manufacturing processes, autonomous and professional robotics, functional printing & fabrics, simulations),
  • Sustainability (energy, batteries & storage, waste, water, air, soil, environmental impact and circular economy)
    Biotech (Nutrition & Health and Ohmic Sciences) 

Connecting these disciplines allows Eurecat a privileged access and benefit from multidisciplinary experts as needed by the client or project. Eurecat aims to contribute to sustainable development through the improvement of environmental quality every project. Eurecat is an Acelera PYME office. This program, jointly implemented by the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation and Eurecat, is based on a pre-evaluation of a group of SMEs and the self-employed, for the subsequent visit of an Eurecat consultant to prepare a digitalization diagnosis. The objective of this proposal is to carry out a specific program to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and the self-employed, through the development of a digitalization diagnosis plan based on the detection of needs and definition of a map of opportunities for incorporation of new technologies and digital services, which allow to increase income, optimize costs, and generate new business models. That is, a strategy that allows the incorporation of digitization in the DNA of companies in the territory. 

Specifically in the field of tourism, Eurecat has extensive experience in the following topics:  

  • Innovation Strategies in Tourism
  • Tourism strategic analysis for destinations
  • Preparation of action plans and smart tourism design
  • Sustainable tourism strategies
  • Tourism contingency plans related to post COVID scenarios
  • Technologies (ie. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Sensors, Progressive Web Apps, Prediction models & algorithms, Tourist Mobility, among others) applied to tourism destinations
  • Tourist information system for destinations.In addition, Eurecat has created the CoE (Center of Excellence) in Tourism Innovation. The CoE in Tourism Innovation is a shared initiative between the public and private sectors to promote innovation, sustainability and the competitiveness of destinations and companies through applied research activities, innovation, knowledge transfer and competitive intelligence services. The main objectives of the CoE in Tourism Innovation are to promote innovation, sustainability and competitiveness of destinations and companies through market intelligence services.  

The main objectives of the CoE in Tourism Innovation are: 

  • To promote innovation, sustainability and competitiveness of destinations and companies through market intelligence, research programs, tourist information systems and dissemination of good practices. 
  • To boost technological development as instruments for efficient management and adaptation of tourism products to demand through advanced technologies for competitive intelligence, energy efficiency and sustainability, or the design of experiences and content. 
  • To encourage the generation of innovative projects with visibility for destinations, enterprises and citizens that constitute good practices for the sector.

The RESETTING consortium is led by Eurecat through its Consultancy Department. The Technology Centre will share with all the partners and the granted SMEs its experience on testing and integrating new digital solutions. This will help reduce unnecessary burdens, improve the quality of the tourism experience and decarbonize the sector.

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Relaunching European smart and SustainablE Tourism models Through digitalization and INnovative technoloGies (RESETTING)